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The official home page of the "HumourNet" mailing list.

"HumourNet" is a mailing list for jokes, humourous stories, and entertaining anecdotes. Simply put, list members send me (Vince Sabio) humourous contributions, which I periodically collect into "Collages"; the Collages -- generally about 10-15KB each -- are mailed out to the list on a less-than-regular basis (usually once a month, these days). Note that HumourNet is not for risque or bawdy humour; if your preferences run along those lines, please check out our sister list, Bawdy.Net. If you'd like, you can get information on how to subscribe to HumourNet and/or Bawdy.Net (subscriptions to both lists are free).

Click on the big "HumourNet" banner above to browse the HumourNet archives. For a quick sampling, check out some old favorites ... Collage 26 ... Collage 21 ... Collage 68 ... Collage 118 ... Collage 112 ... Collage 96 ... Collage 170 ... Collage 169. Or click here for one of my favorite comics.

What really distinguishes HumourNet from most of the other humour mailing lists on the 'Net is the "opener" (the introduction to each Collage). These are all original material, written by me, and are the hallmark of HumourNet. Here are some examples ... you can browse openers on the topics of:

And then there's a HumourNet classic, the "Unsubscription Fee" Collages:

The Stupid-Criminal Hall of Shame ... A HumourNet Original!
(Remember, you saw it here first!)

You can go straight to the revised Stupid-Criminal Hall of Shame, or check out the complete Collage. Also, you can see the original version of the Stupid-Criminal Hall of Shame, posted to HumourNet in the May 1995 time frame; or, you can browse the original Collage.

For those who like to engage their "Send Mail" buttons before their brains: Despite the initial egregious error made on rec.humor.funny by Jim Griffith of Clarinet, the Stupid-Criminal Hall of Shame was really authored by me for HumourNet (in about the May 1995 time frame, though I wasn't "date stamping" Collages back then). It was not authored by either Chuck Shepherd of "News of the Weird" or by Randy Cassingham of "This is True" (who is, BTW, a HumourNet subscriber). Following an e-mail from Chuck Shepherd, Jim Griffith and Clarinet recanted their mistake on rec.humor.funny, and again, in a little greater detail, on rec.humor.d.

In case you haven't already seen it ...
Long before there was a Ted Kaczinsky,
HumourNet agreed to publish the Unabomber's Manifesto.

You can still view the official announcement!

And just for fun ...

How to Get On The 'Net -- FREE! (just by being a supermodel)

More Humour!

More Humour ...

(Note 1: None of this material was written by me.)
(Note 2: This note is now obsolete, but has been left in place so that I do not have renumber "Note 1.")

HumourNet Subscription Info

Subscription Instructions

Note: The following section is left intact for historical purposes; the mailing list, however, has been defunct since 2002. It is not expected to be resurrected any time soon, primarily as a result of too much spam and too little time to deal with it.

Subscriptions to the HumourNet mailing list are free -- and many of the list members have said that their subscriptions are worth two to five times that amount! Just click here for instructions on how to subscribe to HumourNet -- right now, from your Web browser!

If you are curious about how HumourNet got started, then check out the short -- but very well written (now that the typos have been cleaned up) -- Genesis of HumourNet.

Speaking of HumourNet history: In October, 1995, HumourNet spun off a sister list for risque humour. The list is known as "Bawdy.Net," and is moderated by Shawn King in Vancouver, British Columbia (for the geographically impaired, that's in Canada). Click here for information on how to subscribe to Bawdy.Net.

Still not enough humour for you? Well then, check out the quasi-canonical list of humour mailing lists!

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