More Internet Mailing Lists For Humor!

Here is the quasi-canonical collection of humor mailing lists on the 'Net ...

In each case, send exactly the command shown to the address listed. (Of course, you should replace "your_name" with your real name, etc. But if the command just says "subscribe," then do not include any more information. Also, be sure to turn off signatures, etc., when sending commands to list servers.)

subscribe HumourNet your_name, your_city, your_state_or_country

If you do not plan on being a HumourNet contributor, you can subscribe
via our hyper-convenient web interface at

Note: HumourNet is proud to be hosted on a Lyris list server!

subscribe BawdyNet your_name, your_city, your_state_or_country

(Important Note For Bawdy.Net: As the name implies, this list is
strictly for adult humor! You must be of the age of majority in your
region to subscribe to this list. Another word of warning {I'm doing my
best here}: Almost all of the material on this list is offensive. It's a great
list for anyone whose sense of humor runs along those lines, but should
be avoided if you are not very open-minded about humor.
You have been warned.)

This is True:
subscribe this-is-true

ORACLE Humor List:
subscribe oracle-humor

Ian's Canadian HumourList:

List information and subscription instructions can be found at the Official HumourList Web Site.

Jonathan Shaw's Humor and Humor-Sick:

See the owner's web page for subscription instructions.

MDB Humor List:
subscribe mdb-humor-digest

subscribe hand your_email_address

Yucks Digest:

Religious Humor List:
subscribe Rehu-L your_name

"Top Five" Mailing List:
In the "Subject:" line, put the single word "subscribe".

News of the Weird:
In the "Subject:" line, put the single word "subscribe".

subscribe NETHUMOR your_e-mail_address

UGA Humor List:
subscribe humor

Joke A Day:

Humor Break:

See the owner's web page for subscription instructions.

"Top10" Mailing List:
In the "Subject:" line, put the single word "subscribe".

Kitty's Daily Mews:
join kittysdailymews

E-Funnies Mailing List:

See the owner's web page for subscription instructions.

Mustard Humor Mailing List:
In either the body or the "Subject:" line, put the single word "subscribe" (no quotes).

In the "Subject:" line, put the words "subscribe guffaws" (no quotes).

subscribe nettrash

If you have a humor list -- or know of one -- that is not shown here, please let me know about it.
Be sure to include all the pertinent information: list name, server address, and subscription format.

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